Avoiding Common Hormone Altering Chemicals w/ Courtney Swan, MS

High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

March 1, 2023

Courtney Swan, MS shares tips to create a toxin-free home that supports hormonal health and more. 

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro
4:30 Forever chemicals wreak havoc on your endocrine system. 
6:28 Products applied directly to your skin go into your bloodstream. 
6:35 The fact that something is on the shelf at the store does not mean that it is safe. 
7:40 Women are exposed to 160 different chemicals daily.
8:40 Obesogens are chemicals stored in your fat which disrupt your hormones that directly impact your metabolism. 
9:40 Courtney likes clean cosmetic brands: ILIA, Kosas, Tower 28, and RMS. 
15:00 Many food additives we use are banned in other countries. 
18:00 BPA chemicals found in plastic cause your body to make more estrogen in both males and females. 
19:35 Food and beverage packaging often has a plastic lining that, when exposed to heat, causes them to leach into your food. 
24:40 Avoid seed oils. 
25:20 Agave and high fructose corn syrup are higher in fructose than glucose. 
30:40 Fragrances disrupt your endocrine system, raising our estrogen levels.
32:00 Branch Basics is a safe and effective cleaning product. 
36:10 Parabens, a preservative in cosmetics, are linked to breast cancer and others. 
36:50 Women are exposed to BPAs in sports bras and fitness gear. 
38:30 We need our good bacteria.
39:10 Conventional tampons are a mix of microplastics and microfibers. 
41:30 Hormonal birth control shuts down ovulation and deters women from choosing healthy partners.  
43:00 Natural Cycles is an FDA cleared ap for birth control. It is about 98% effective.
46:30 Hormonal birth control affects your brain chemistry. 
49:40 Charcoal is a great detox agent. Sweat every day. 
51:15 Support your liver for effective detoxification. 
53:15 Alcohol is a toxin. 


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