Blue Jacket Blowup

32 Thoughts: The Podcast

Sept. 13, 2023

Massive news day at Media Day! Jeff and Elliotte break down the Mike Babcock player meeting situation in Columbus (1:00), chat with Johnny Gaudreau in Vegas about how his new coach approached getting to know the players (19:30), and Billy Daly provides the league's perspective on the Blue Jackets news as well as several other topics (33:28).

The guys also discuss the Thomas Tatar contract (12:00), the blue line in Carolina (13:20), a new captain in Winnipeg (15:40), Ottawa sale (17:30) and they chat with Troy Terry who tells us about his contract negotiation over the summer (47:30).

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Music Outro: Portugal. The Man - Champ

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*additional music by Jack Harlow

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