244: Thoughts on ChatGPT

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

April 17, 2023

Are new AI technologies like ChatGPT about to massively disrupt our world? Drawing from his recent New Yorker article on the topic, Cal explains exactly how programs like ChatGPT work, and uses this knowledge to explain why we can calm our fears about this new technology.

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Today’s Deep Question: How does ChatGPT work? (And should we worry about it?)  [11:24]

- Is there anything AI won’t do better than humans? [57:30]

- How will AI end up disrupting knowledge work? [1:02:27]

- Should I quit web development before AI eliminates the industry? [1:07:32] 

- Will AI create mass job loss in the next five years? [1:11:52]


- NPR leaves Twitter [1:21:11]  


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