April 3, 2023

Paul F. Austin welcomes JW Ross, founder & CEO of Botanic Tonics, to discuss his kava-kratom-based alcohol alternative, Feel Free.

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JW Ross is a lifelong innovator and inventor of Botanic Tonic’s “Feel Free” plant-based tonic. He started his career as a Texas oilman who experienced immense corporate success that was tainted with alcohol addiction. After hitting rock bottom and going to rehab, JW purged alcohol from his life and completely pivoted his career. He went on life-changing trips to the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, where he discovered botanical medicines whose ingredients have been used for centuries socially and for wellness. After discovering these plants, JW dedicated his life to finding an herbal solution that would replace alcohol and still give him a euphoric lift with positive impact. He home-tested many concoctions, finally finding the perfect recipe, which turned into the Feel Free tonic recipe.

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  • JW’s struggle with alcohol addiction, which led him on a search for alternative social lubricants.
  • How alcohol is an “outlier” among other ancient forms of social lubricants around the world.
  • Feel Free vs. alcohol.
  • Feel Free vs. cannabis.
  • Understanding kratom: types, processing, and effects.
  • Are kava and kratom addictive?
  • JW’s current research and legislative efforts with kava and kratom.
  • Kava tolerance, and JW’s thoughts on alcohol- vs. kava-drinking societies.
  • JW on sourcing ingredients and his vision for Botanic Tonics.

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