MMO #108 – AirDNC

Millennial Media Offensive

Feb. 13, 2024

One thing is apparent from Carlson’s interview, Putin listens to MMO! The media is losing its mind over the misconstruing of Trump’s comments. Biden is dealt a potential political deathblow, despite being well intentioned……… There maybe a new rising star in the DNC, and her name rhymes with China. Immigrants might be moving in with your neighbors, and the Year of the fire Dragon is off to a good start!


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Episode 108


Tuesday, February 12, 2024




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Schrodinger’s Alliance

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                                    Rachel Maddow on Trump Comments


                                    Trump CNN

                                                Article: 35% of NATO Members to Meet 2% Target in 2023

                                    Trump Full Context



                                    AI Effect on Phone Production

                                    Article: First AI Safety Consortium

                                    Article: Microsoft Creating Healthy Information Ecosystems

                                    Signals” Unofficial Pitch

                                    Article: Gina Raimondo the Moderate Technocrat

                                    Shot ***Driverless Car Hits Cyclist***

                                    Chaser ***Waymo Car Set on Fire***



                                    CBS Biden Tough Talk

                                    Our Military Operation

                                    Funding Bill CBS

                                    Ukraine Funding Bill Has Predicte for 3rd Trump Impeachment

                                    Article: Kamala Ready to Serve



                                    Kathleen Hicks is Electric

                                    Transcript: Hicks Speech at Annual Pride Month Event



                                    New Hurricane Category

                                    Article: 18 Strongest Hurricanes by Windspeed

                                    Article: Hurricane Categories

                                    Article: EPA Changes Air Particle Emission Rules

                                    Article: EPA Press Release



                                    Thailand Passenger Dies



                                    Treasury: Russian Diamond Sanctions Start 3/1

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