April 26, 2024

Frequent guest (and almost real-life-friend) Adam Jacob returns to share his spicy takes on all the recent “open source meets business” drama. We also take some time to catch up on the state of his open source-based business, System Initiative.

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  • Cloudflare – Read the Developer Week 2024 wrap-up or tune into Developer Week on Cloudflare TV.
  • imgproxy – imgproxy is open source an optimizes images for the web on the fly. It makes websites and apps blazing fast while saving storage and SaaS costs. It uses the world’s fastest image processing library under the hood — libvips. It is screaming fast and has a tiny memory footprint.
  • Sentry – Code breaks, fix it faster. Don’t just observe. Take action. Sentry is the only app monitoring platform built for developers that gets to the root cause for every issue. 90,000+ growing teams use sentry to find problems fast. Use the code CHANGELOG when you sign up to get $100 OFF the team plan.


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