The Cellar Ep 5: Today's Special

Tuesday Terror

Aug. 10, 2021

"Do you dare to go down into...THE CELLAR?"

Welcome to Episode Five of our all-new horror/suspense anthology series! Our stories are either original, or inspired by, or adapted from pulp fiction and classic literature. PLUS we have a very special script-writing competition going on right now! If you scroll down this page a little bit, you'll see all the details. Entries are being accepted now until a certain date in October.

And now...we proudly present "Today's Special" by our director/producer Pete Lutz, inspired by an episode of the BBC Radio series, "The Price of Fear". It's the story of two friends who frequent a little out-of-the-way restaurant in the Hill Country of Texas. What's on the menu may turn out to be a little...unusual. Bon Appetit!

Includes a special feature! Philboyd Studge interviews a married couple, winners of a huge lottery jackpot!

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