Dec. 15, 2022

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00:00 - Nick's thoughts on Ray passing, Nick's health background, fulfilling work
14:38 - Nick's thoughts on heartache and separation
17:01 - When did Nick first hear about Ray?
21:00 - The making of Died Suddenly, hit pieces from the mainstream media, fake internet articles, and information
31:13 - When did the narrative of Died Suddenly start taking shape? Oligarchy chain of continuity regarding depopulation
37:07  - The vaccines targeting the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system specifically to induce harm, how did they make so many vaccines so  quickly?
41:32 - mRNA shedding is possibly a bigger problem than people think
45:19 - How common are those fibrous white clots?
50:09 - Were there toxic vaccine batches? How many will die?
57:53 - How will they get away with it? Catastrophic Contagion (a high-level pandemic exercise in 2022)
01:07:33 - How does Nick feel about the success of Died Suddenly?
01:19:38 - Is it healthy to read about evil people?
01:22:28 - Practical application of depopulation in preparation for 2030
01:26:28 - Question: proteolytic enzymes for vaccine protection?
01:29:01 - Question: how much pushback have you gotten since releasing the movie?
01:30:27 - Question: what should vaccinated people do to protect themselves?
01:41:49 - Question: were there any errors in the film?
01:49:52 - Question: did any unvaccinated people have white fibrous clots?
01:53:504 - Should there be a curation of Ray's work?

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