June 28, 2022

Step aside Facebook Ads. Move over Instagram Sponsored posts. Buzzsprout just blew the freaking lid off podcast advertising!

In today's episode, I'm breaking down Buzzsprout's newest (amazing!) feature that we've all been waiting for: Buzzsprout Ads.

This new feature allows two things that have been seemingly impossible for a lot of podcasters: 

  1.  A way to monetize your podcast easily (while also shedding light on other excellent podcasts)
  2. AND a way to promote your show to a captive audience of podcast listeners.

I'm breaking down why this is important for you as a podcast host -- and how you can start running ads immediately. We're also covering requirements for running promotional ads and what that looks like as a show host.

Today's episode is super juicy and full of details that'll make your mind expand and explode in the best way possible. So, join me for a download of everything you need to know about Buzzsprout Ads.

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