Dec. 30, 2021

No Agenda Episode 1412 - "Oil Ball Panic"

"Oil Ball Panic"

Executive Producers:

Sir Onymous of Dogpatch and Lower Slobbovia

Patrick Remensperger

Blake Michigan

SIr Borislav Marinov

Sir Infinitus, The Chivalrous CRNA & Surgical Positioning Master of North Carolina

Sir Jon Helmer - Baron of Belle Fourche

John Grumling aka Sir ReadyKilowatt

Sir B of the New Republic of Flor'exas

Sir Cal and the gang of Lavender Blossoms (. org)

Michael Brahy

Nick Ames

Sir Michaelanthony

Owen Marsh

Matthew Price

Dame Kendra Jo

Augustine Cost

Alex Van Der Hengst

Associate Executive Producers:

Matthew Clark

Korey Getty

Lukas Teijema

Sir Karys, Viscount of Greater Boston

Jacob Warburton

Mike Bateman

Sir Rob from Bear

Michael Day

Dame Leesa K

Robert Rose

Viscount - Sir Christopher Kessler

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Title Changes

Sir Jon Helmer -> Baron Jon Helmer of Shawnee, KS

Knights & Dames

Rob Romeo -> Sir Rob from Bear

David Gomez -> Sir Infinitus, The Chivalrous CRNA & Surgical Positioning Master of North Carolina

Art By: Dame Kenny-Ben

End of Show Mixes: Boobs Mixer - Sir Alf - Rolando Gonzalez - Guspacho

Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry

Mark van Dijk - Systems Master

Ryan Bemrose - Program Director

Back Office Aric Mackey

Chapters: Dreb Scott

Clip Custodian: Neal Jones

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