May 31, 2024

Podcasting 2.0 May 31st 2024 Episode 181: "Bucket of Chicks"

Adam & Dave talk wallets, music, local programming and chicks man!


We are LIT

Nashville wrap up and tease Ainsley Track

Pocketcasts - heard V4V rumblings - 2 years ago we pitched it to Matt

Local Podcasts Project - Playlist - like OPML subscription lists - need to know if playlists work this way

Sam and Castopod working on Activity streams into ActivityPub YAY!

8 New Findings About The Podcast Audience From Cumulus Media’s 2024 Audioscape | Westwood One

3. The median age of the podcast audience has held at 34 despite massive audience growth

The podcast audience is thirteen years younger than the median age of AM/FM radio listeners and 22 years younger than linear television where audiences have a median age of 56. TV is what’s playing in God’s waiting room.


This is the "secret" formula:

"That was the thing that Adam and I agreed on. Adam being the user, and I being the developer. Of course it was his trying to be a developer, and me trying to be a user that was the spark that created the boom. We both made it safe for amateurs to do what we do. That's why podcasting, unlike the music industry, never went to war with its users."

Scripting News: Tech is about people


Bands and Bitcoin

Bands at Bitcoin '24 Nashville | Geyser

Need a helipad page

Music License


Get Alby


Business Opportunity

Growth in General

Apollo II update and possible pool

MikeHero DSP | Audiosigma

add keysend implementation for LND backend by bernii · Pull Request #1129 · lnbits/lnbits


MKUltra chat

Transcript Search

What is Value4Value? - Read all about it at

V4V Stats

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