July 28, 2023

In this episode of Everything Voiceovers Podcast, Tcode shares his personal experiences of dealing with struggles and pressures and offers advice on how African voiceover artists can overcome the unique challenges faced in the industry.  From struggles to keep their career and passion alive to dealing with burnout, Tcode sheds light on the realities of this industry and provides valuable insight. Host: Tolulope Kolade a.k.a. Tcode; @Tcode_70 on IG & @Tcode_70 on Twitter Join our podcast Telegram community: Buy Voiceover gear in Nigeria @Coded Voiceovers  For inquiries, send mail to #EverythingVoiceovers #ThePressureisReal #VoiceoverStruggles #Voiceovergigs #Podcast #Voiceovertips #VoiceoverArtistry #EVOpodcast #Tcode A Coded voiceovers Production --- Send in a voice message:

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