44 - Growing Bonsai with Jerome and Mari of The Bonsai Supply

Tending Seeds: Adventures in Gardening, Homesteading, and Herbalism

Jan. 30, 2023

Today I have a super fun interview for you about a different kind of growing – bonsai trees! I’m sharing a fantastic conversation that I had with Jerome and Mari of the Bonsai Supply. They are also the authors of the beautiful book, Freestyle Bonsai.

In today’s episode, they’ll discuss the origins and history of bonsai, some common myths about bonsai, and the different types of trees that can become bonsai. Jerome and Mari also offer their thoughts on what tools you need to get started, and walk us through the process of tending to and pruning your bonsai trees. There’s a lot of great information here and you can really hear the passion that they both have for bonsai and their craft! Enjoy!


Check out Jerome and Mari's book, Freestyle Bonsai, and follow them on Instagram @TheBonsaiSupply.


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