June 28, 2022

This week's show is quite possibly the most incredible story I’ve ever heard. You are going to be riveted and you will never forget this conversation!

13 years ago to the day that we recorded this interview, my guest was sentenced to life in prison! Yes, life in prison for my guest Damon West.

Damon’s story will make you uncomfortable at times. But ultimately, his story is all about OVERCOMING EXTREME ADVERSITY, TRANSFORMATION, and REDEMPTION.

Do you want to learn how to turn your life around? This interview Is a master class!

At 20, Damon was the starting quarterback at the University of North Texas when he suffered a career-ending injury. A few years later while training to be a stockbroker, Damon got hooked on methamphetamines, and he became the mastermind of a burglary ring to support his addiction.  

Eventually, he was arrested and sentenced to 65 years in a Texas maximum security prison.

In prison, Damon got SOBER, went through a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, and started down his true life’s calling which he continued to build on after his parole more than 7 years later.

Today he is a much sought-after speaker and best-selling author including co-writing “The Coffee Bean: A Simple Lesson to Create Positive Change.” with JON GORDON.

Damon pulls no punches in a series of brutally HONEST stories when sharing his life and the mistakes he’s made.

You’ll hear first-hand exactly what it feels like to be found guilty of major crimes, how he fought to survive and eventually THRIVE in prison, and how Damon turned his time in prison into an OPPORTUNITY.

Be sure to listen to how he used the analogy of being like a COFFEE BEAN (yes, a coffee bean) as a critical part in changing his victim mindset to one of HOPE and redemption.

In one of my favorite parts of this episode, Damon reveals his thoughts about GRATITUDE, his mission to HELP OTHERS, and why RESILIENCE is essential to living your best life.

This week, pay attention to a man who has lived life on the edge in many ways, good and bad.  


Damon’s past and present are filled with LESSONS that will make you STOP, THINK, and help you FIGURE OUT how you can lead a better life, too. 

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