Sept. 1, 2022

Megyn Kelly is joined by Michael Knowles, host at The Daily Wire, to talk about woke shift in education, hospitals exposed for "gender confirmation" surgery on minors, Biden's absurd comments about disarming the right, Biden's desperation and casual racism, social media censorship, the Biden administration's attacks on "extremist MAGA Republicans" who are a "threat to our democracy," and more. Then Chris Stirewalt, author of "Broken News," joins to talk about the mistakes the Dems and GOP are making while running in 2022, the impact Trump and Dobbs will have on the midterms, Palin's loss in Alaska, the way the legacy media demonizes GOP candidates no matter what, what voters really care about, the problematic electoral issue of student loan forgiveness, legacy media's negative treatment of Americans, overcoming the cable news outrage diet, the changing media landscape, and more.

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