Exploring the 'Podfather' Adam Curry's Boostagram Ball: and the British Podcast Awards Controversy

Podnews Weekly Review

Aug. 3, 2023

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Join us on a thrilling exploration featuring none other than the 'Podfather' himself, Adam Curry. He pulls back the curtain on his groundbreaking podcast, Boostagram Ball, revealing the intricate dance of the music industry, and the essential role of an API for podcast developers. You'll get the skinny on how listeners can use the Lightning Network and Keysend to directly back their favorite artists. Intriguing, isn't it?

Venture further with us as we navigate the choppy waters of the namespace, value block, and remote item. Discover their potential impact on artist payments and industry transparency, and the wizardry behind wallet switches that set Boost the Grand Ball apart. We'll also shed light on Amazon's new ad revenue scheme, Dave Wiener's interoperability concept, and the untapped potential of the Lightning Network.

As we round off our journey, we'll look at the seismic shifts in the podcast industry, from the controversy around the British Podcast Awards to the latest industry acquisitions and layoffs. Hear straight from Jake Warren on the changes to the British Podcast Awards - and he's not happy.

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