March 11, 2024

Back from a pretty shitty week of respiratory flus running through the house, and now we need to catch up. Rich Baris ( ) was on the schedule for tonight, and so that works on nicely because Rich is a good guy to catch up with. There is the rise of the Haitian Cannibal Army, which would only surprise people who weren't in January's book club; and as we start the show the news of a mysterious death related to recent efforts to blow the whistle on dangerous Boeing business practices makes its way to our front door. Whatever time is left over I really would like to give to calls because it's been too long a time away. Watch the full video rerun here: Proudly Sponsored By: Blue Monster Prep: An Online Superstore for Emergency Preparedness Gear (Storable Food, Water, Filters, Radios, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, and so much more). Use code 'FRANKLY' for Free Shipping on every purchase you make @ SUPPORT Quite Frankly: Official Merch: Official Coffee: Sponsor through QFTV: SubscribeStar: One-Time Tip: Sign up for the Free Mailing List: Send Crypto: BTC: 1EafWUDPHY6y6HQNBjZ4kLWzQJFnE5k9PK LTC: LRs6my7scMxpTD5j7i8WkgBgxpbjXABYXX ETH: 0x80cd26f708815003F11Bd99310a47069320641fC FULL Episodes On Demand: Spotify: iTunes: Amazon: SoundCloud: Google Play: BitChute: Rumble: Streaming Live On: (Powered by Foxhole) DLive: Rokfin: Twitch: YouTube: Rumble: How Else to Find Us: Official WebSite: Official Forum: Official Telegram: GUILDED Hangout: Twitter: @QuiteFranklyTV Gab: @QuiteFrankly Truth Social: @QuiteFrankly GETTR: @QuiteFrankly MINDS: @QuiteFrankly

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