Support and Defend: Bret Speaks with more Military Whistleblowers

Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcast

Oct. 18, 2022

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In a follow up conversation to last week’s episode, Bret speaks with two more active and past duty service members about their experience in the US military during Covid, they seek to convey their experience over the last few years in the, and make it known what process is underway in our military.




Ms. Jordan Karr, former USAF:


Jordan Karr is a former USAF Intelligence officer. She served 9 years on active duty to include multiple deployments and was recently separated in May 2022 over the COVID vaccine mandates. She has an active IG complaint against her chain of command for forcing her out of the service, with only two weeks notice, and not allowing her the due process to see her religious accommodation request through. She comes from a family of veterans. Her sister is a space force officer who, once a high performing officer, received adverse paperwork after she was discriminated against for her religious beliefs. Jordan helped initiate multiple lawsuits against the DoD and is a plaintiff in Coker v Austin. She is vocal about medical freedom since the reason she did not want to get the vaccine, aside from the fact that it is an unlawful order, is due to her fertility disorder. She was denied a medical exemption because the DoD only recognized 3 criteria, based on whether a member was vaccine injured from the first shot. Through her own journey, she has found that the military does not cover fertility treatments, though they are likely the cause of many of the fertility issues that service members suffer through in silence. She has received countless messages from service members and their families asking for help and sharing their own medical struggles, from cancer to fertility disorders. Her goal is to restore the integrity of the military to a fighting force and to advocate for changes in the VA system.


Major Grant Smith, USA:

Grant is an infantryman turned physical therapist focused on optimizing human performance in the U.S. Army.  He promotes holistic health and fitness of Soldiers in Fort Riley, Kansas as one of the Army's first Division Holistic Health and Fitness Officers. Grant created a 501(c)(19) veterans organization aiming to support current and former service members and spouses who are committed to American values in bids to hold political office ( He serves on the Truth For Health's Military Advisory Council ( advocating for medical freedom.  He draws energy every day knowing that great Americans numbering in the millions are intent on engaging in principled, purposeful action to conserve the American way of life.





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