Erik Prince: CIA Corruption, Killer Drones, and Government Surveillance

The Tucker Carlson Show

May 21, 2024

Erik Prince is an entrepreneur, former Navy SEAL and founder of Blackwater Worldwide, a private military corporation. His latest project is Unplugged, a phone, messaging application and VPN that is privacy focused and won’t collect or share customer data.  Visit to learn more about our paid partnership with Unplugged.

(00:00) Introduction

(06:40) The Liz Cheney Wing of Congress 

(32:45) The Main Villains of The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars 

(44:20) We Keep Sending Money to Ukraine. Where’s it Going? 

(01:21:50) What Happed to Privacy in America? 

(01:51:30)  Hillary Clinton Really Doesn’t Like Erik Prince

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