Nov. 23, 2022

“I’m a sales guy, but if I could sell things and see it affect someone else’s livelihood and go from, you know, doing what was a hobby to doing what they love is part of the love that I have for [the podcasting] space.”

If you’ve made it to this episode, you must love the podcasting space as much as we do. And one of the reasons we love it so much is because everyone is so willing to help everyone else. 

Which is exactly what Thomas Mancusi, CRO at AudioBoom, did on today’s episode with True Native Media founder Heather Osgood.

In today’s episode, Heather and Thomas discuss:

-   “Faked-in” Ads

-   Sonic Identifiers

-   What happens when you have too many ads in one episode

-   Predictions for the industry 

This isn’t an episode you’ll want to miss!


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