Dec. 14, 2023

#636: Today, we're joined by Elizabeth Vargas, an Emmy Award-winning journalist who has traveled the world covering breaking news stories, reporting in-depth investigations, and conducting newsmaker interviews. We're sitting down with Elizabeth today to discuss her story and her memoir, 'Between Breaths,' which delves into her addiction journey. We discuss everything from what a productive conversation looks like and how to ask the right questions, to her struggle with alcoholism and how she hid it from TV cameras for over a decade. She also gives the audience tips on how to filter through misinformation and media bias to find factual information about current events.

[01:17] Introduction to Elizabeth Vargas
[02:47]  Childhood and Career Aspirations
[03:26]  Career Aspirations and Journalism
[04:27]  Interviewing Skills
[08:06]  Conducting Interviews and Reading People
[11:32]  Katie Couric's Interview Skills
[12:46]  Changes in Journalism and News Consumption
[16:36]  Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Podcast Interview
[16:52]  Alcoholism and Anxiety
[30:55]  Alcoholism and High Functioning Addiction
[39:51]  Rehab Experiences and Support
[48:02]  Balancing Career, Personal Life, and Addiction
[48:36]  Writing a Book and Feeling Alone in Addiction
[49:55]  Books about Alcoholism and Addiction
[56:39]  the Detrimental Effects of Alcohol
[58:30]  Alcohol Consumption and its Consequences
[1:02:16]  Trustworthy Sources of News
[1:06:23]  Reporting in the Middle East and the New Show
[1:11:36]  Working Relationships and Collaboration

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