0.00000028: Texas Slim, Beef Initiative

Changing the Tide

July 8, 2022

Texas Slim is the driving force behind the Beef Initiative. Its mission is "to improve the health and security of our local communities through the expansion of market access to quality animal protein by building decentralized networks of values-aligned ranchers, processors, distributors, butchers, grocers, restaurants, and consumers and providing access to the tools necessary, including bitcoin, to form more secure localized food supply chains." He is Changing the Tide by introducing ranchers and farmers to better money, in the form of Bitcoin on Lightning, than they currently receive from their incentives paid out by governments and corporations. Links: ‚Äč Slim's Twitter handle: @modernTman Slim's newsletter: Beef Initiative's Twitter handle: @beefinitiative Beef Initiative's website: Note: Nothing in this podcast constitutes financial, legal, or medical advice. The content within is solely for educational purposes. Please consult tax, legal, or medical professionals before making financial, legal, or medical decisions based on what you hear. Music: "Summer Nights" by Bobo Renthlei Graphics: Kal Kassa Host: Jon Crabtree Producer: Jon Crabtree

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