April 8, 2022

Hey friends! Welcome back to The AUSA Podcast! This week we continue our conversation about culture making with our friend and fellow CAT, Corey Adams! In this episode, we talk about how to identify where you hold influence, what that means, and we go through some of the qualities of a good leader. Once you realize the places and groups you influence it can be daunting to navigate that responsibility, so this episode is for you — people who need a little push to realize that they are a leader, and people figuring out how to lead well.

Whether we feel like it or not, know it or not, or want to be or not, we are all influencing somebody else. It's important to be aware of this so we can do it well and set the tone of the spaces we are a part of rather than just going with the flow. That's ultimately what culture making (our responsibility of creating new things and cultivating already existing things to be better and more beautiful) is all about — being a thermostat, not a thermometer; being active rather than reactive.

We think culture making is very important, so if you enjoyed this episode or anything peaked your interest, we'd love to start a conversation! Do us a favor and share it with your friends, and if you have thoughts or questions you can DM us on Instagram @au411. Thanks for listening!

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Here are some of the resources that were talked about in or used while planning this episode if you’re curious about doing some in-depth exploring on your own!

Books: "Culture Making" by Andy Crouch, Psalm 1

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