Sept. 17, 2019

“Failure is three meals a day”. You may have heard other tech entrepreneurs talk about how they embrace the idea of failure. But it has never sounded as genuine as when uttered by today’s guest, Gina Li. In our discussion, Gina tells the story of growing up on the Silk Road, embarking on a career in Hip-Hop, and eventually stumbling into the world of innovation and product design. If Gina defines her life as failure served up like three meals a day, then… I’ll have what she’s having.


In our discussion we talk about the essence of product design, and how it is allowing China to rediscover its roots as a world leader in technology and innovation. We also discuss two examples of the products that Gina’s company, Beach IoT, has reimagined: the digital telescope and… the cotton candy machine, of course.


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