205: Why I’m a Bad Correspondent

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

July 18, 2022

With Jesse away on vacation, Cal decides to tackle 10 questions in a row, all in one take, with no breaks, covering everything from complaints about Cal’s inaccessibility, to teaching deep work in schools, to a long pontification (read: rant) on the podcasting industry.

- Finding time to self-study (5:38)
- Why Cal is a bad correspondent (11:44)
- Can everyone become so good they can’t be ignored? (25:32)
- Should temperament affect job choice? (29:06)
- Teaching deep work in schools (33:20)
- When does Cal listen to podcasts? (37:46)
- How do I succeed in podcasting? (38:57)
- Why is Cal so contrarian? (56:22)
- How do I stay a digital minimalist after having a baby? (59:31)
- How do I teach my family and friends about the deep life? (1:02:23)

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