Jan. 5, 2024

Podcasting 2.0 January 5th 2024 Episode 162: "Unwise Unwrap"

Adam & Dave throw the Podcast Industrial Complex a Lifeline and Unwrap some sweet variables


We are LIT

Fedicifcation status

Podcast Advertising Industry Still Sees Double-Digit Growth; Revenue to Jump by 16% and Hit Over $4B in 2024 – blog

High Intent Traffic From YouTube - SPAM

Fountain rewind was GREAT marketing

Word press GUID duplication

Publisher feeds

Satoshi player tracking

The Split Kit mAirList integration

Good Christian Fun | Two Friends, Three Mics |

94.1 WIP parent company Audacy bankruptcy filing is imminent. How will Philly radio stations fare?

Ai Action itme list


MKUltra chat

Transcript Search

What is Value4Value? - Read all about it at

V4V Stats

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