Jason E Kelley

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Jan. 23, 2023

Met Jason at second city around 2008

We performed comedy along side each other for years. It has been a journey.

Jason E. Kelley - is a man who is loved by many. I very specifically remember his wedding ceremony - tons of guests in a large hall - and typically at the start of the ceremony when the groom walks in everyone smiles with anticipation and excitement grows because we know the party isn’t too far off. But when Jason walked into the room, without exaggeration, every single person in the room stood up and started cheering. The dude got a fuckin’ standing O just for walking in the room. Like a good one. A really really good one. That’s Jason to me. You get what you give and JK is a man on a mission in life, with career, family, self care. I think JK sees the bigger picture of life. Over the last 14 years, no matter how far apart we get, what life phase we’re in, or how much time has passed. Jason makes himself available on a deeper level for people to access. We have reconnected countless times after countless distractions, and every time - we’re right back on the same page. Namaste motherfuckers.

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