Dec. 24, 2023

## Summary

In this episode, the host and guest discuss the topic of microdosing and its controversial nature. They explore the principles and effects of microdosing, as well as the differences between the use of hallucinogens in the past and the current trend of microdosing. The efficacy of microdosing is examined, with a focus on the scientific evidence and potential long-term effects. The conversation also delves into the comparison between microdosing and the use of performance-enhancing substances in the tech industry. Finally, the relationship between the use of hallucinogens and intuition is explored. This conversation explores the therapeutic potential of psychedelics and their effects on the brain. It discusses the importance of the context in which these substances are used and the role of a therapist in guiding the experience. The conversation also touches on the risks and challenges associated with psychedelics and the current state of psychedelic research. Additionally, it explores the revival of interest in psychedelics and their potential in the East. In this episode, Tommaso Barba discusses the documentary on psychedelics and its positive reception. The conversation also explores the importance of balancing risks and opportunities in society. GitBar is presented as a community where interesting developments can be shared. Tommaso shares his academic journey and the differences between obtaining a doctorate in Italy and England. The episode concludes with closing remarks and a holiday break announcement.

## Takeaways
  • Microdosing involves taking low doses of hallucinogens to potentially improve mood, focus, and energy levels.
  • Scientific evidence on the efficacy of microdosing is limited and controversial, with some studies suggesting a placebo effect.
  • Long-term effects of microdosing are still unknown, and caution is advised due to potential risks.
  • The use of hallucinogens in the past, such as during the 1960s counterculture movement, differed from the current trend of microdosing.
  • The comparison between microdosing and the use of performance-enhancing substances in the tech industry raises sociological and health concerns.
  • Hallucinogens can increase brain entropy and plasticity, potentially leading to increased creativity and intuition. Psychedelics can create a unique and transformative experience, but they require a specific set and setting for optimal results.
  • The effects of psychedelics on the brain involve increased brain plasticity and decreased modular connectivity, leading to long-term positive effects.
  • Psychedelic therapy requires the guidance of a trained therapist to navigate challenging experiences and facilitate positive outcomes.
  • The risks of psychedelics are associated with uncontrolled use and improper integration of the experience.
  • The revival of psychedelic research has gained momentum in recent years, with promising results in the treatment of various mental health conditions.
  • The physical effects of psychedelics are generally safe, with no evidence of neurotoxicity or addiction potential.
  • Psychedelic research is more advanced in Western countries, while the Eastern countries are slowly catching up.
  • The future of psychedelics lies in responsible use, education, and integration into society. The documentary on psychedelics is a great introduction for those who don't want to read the book.
  • Balancing risks and opportunities is crucial in society to avoid negative consequences.
  • GitBar is a community where interesting developments in the field can be shared.
  • Tommaso's academic journey highlights the differences in obtaining a doctorate in Italy and England.
  • The episode concludes with closing remarks and a holiday break announcement.

## Chapters

00:00Introduzione e presentazione dell'ospite
06:03Microdosing: cos'รจ e principi su cui si basa
11:48Differenze tra l'uso delle sostanze allucinogene nel passato e il microdosing
15:19Efficacia del microdosing: evidenze scientifiche
18:43Effetti a medio-lungo termine del microdosing
21:25Confronto tra microdosing e l'uso di sostanze dopanti nel mondo tech
27:27Relazione tra l'utilizzo delle sostanze allucinogene e l'intuizione
33:38The Psychedelic Experience
35:16The Effects of Psychedelics on the Brain
38:38Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelics
40:11Risks and Challenges
44:44The Renaissance of Psychedelics
53:47Physical Effects of Psychedelics
56:01The Revival of Psychedelic Research
59:26Psychedelics in the East
01:07:13Introduction to the documentary
01:07:45Positive reception of the documentary
01:08:50Balancing risks and opportunities
01:09:19GitBar as a community
01:10:12Tommaso's academic journey
01:11:02Closing remarks and holiday break

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