May 29, 2023

Chris Fisher is the creator of the Jupiter Broadcasting network and host of many podcasts such as LINUX Unplugged, Coder Radio, Self-Hosted & Bitcoin Dad.

In Conversation #90, Chris and I discuss: what it's been like to have 25+ podcasts, the current nosedive in advertising, how value for value is creating a richer experience for podcasters, his mindset in analysing technological ideas, the coming pain from the messed up financial system, why Bitcoin/AI won't be as impactful as the internet and travelling across the US in an RV.

Hope you're having a fantastic day wherever you are in the world, Kyrin out!

(0:00) - Intro To Chris
(1:08) - Silent retreats and not talking
(4:15) - Dealing with Linux FUD
(11:14) - Transitioning from advertising to V4V
(15:26) - Sponsors are squeezing for more
(20:46) - Boosts are forming a root-like network/structure
(26:05) - When to end a show?
(33:32) - The sweet temptation of just ONE show
(37:20) - Audience capture from riches in the niches
(43:18) - Fountain drives numbers
(48:26) - Why Chris doesn't do video anymore
(57:14) - Evergreen vs topical content
(1:01:21) - Letting your ideas die instead of you
(1:10:20) - Bitcoin's energy use is a good thing!
(1:17:09) - Modern economics makes no sense
(1:24:23) - Baffling unnecessary complexity caused by groups of humans
(1:32:03) - Comparisons to the internet
(1:39:28) - The reluctant geek
(1:42:39) - How Chris uses AI
(1:48:08) - The AI safety problem is overblown
(1:53:18) - #vanlife & travelling
(1:59:42) - Experiencing a solar eclipse
(2:07:05) - Check out the Jupiter Broadcasting website

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