March 12, 2022

“You hear this all the time: well, how come Ukraine doesn’t have the right to join whatever military alliance they want? You hear that every day, all day, well, just think about that. Is that really true? Is anyone thinking for a minute that Canada and Mexico have the right to join into a military alliance with Russia and China? Or is that absolutely preposterous?”
— Scott Horton

Scott Horton is an anti-war radio host, podcaster, and author. In this interview, we discuss whether there are any just wars, the Ukraine/Russia conflict, and how a chain reaction of misunderstood events going back to WW1 got us here. 

- - - - 

History is not necessarily objective: observers are usually partisan, and chroniclers of collected stories have their own subjective biases that can affect the evidence base. These issues are most pronounced in the records of wars. This is because history is written by the victors.

Mainstream presentation of the history of wars rarely credits divergent interpretations. The major conflicts that involve a given nation-state, particularly those that support politically advantageous mythologies, are treated as being self-evident. Opposing analysis is given the pejorative label of ‘conspiracy theory’.      

Yet, could the history of our current civilization be open to new explanations? Is there sufficient evidence, maybe hidden in plain sight, that would cast a different light on events? Could the official version be wrong? Was the rationale and motivation for pivotal decisions, which have changed the trajectory of life on earth, different to the commonly accepted understanding?

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