Aug. 25, 2022

Chris Sky’s infamous interview that he gave early in lockdown was something of a rallying call for Covid dissenters. The video was prescient. Chris detailed the planned coercion tactics that would be adopted by the Canadian authorities. As it turned out, similar tactics were adopted by most of the so-called Western democracies.

The video was Chris’ launchpad into activism. His addresses to the assembled truckers in Ottawa during the Canadian trucker protest saw him urging peaceful, united non-compliance.

His message has been consistent from the start: NO to lockdown; NO to masks; NO to vaccine mandates; NO to digital ID; NO to the climate “emergency” actions.

His campaigning for united non-compliance continues. I don’t agree with everything he says but there’s no doubting his tenacity and bravery and consistency.

Chris will be in Europe as part of his world tour in September - including London and Dublin. More details on his Telegram channel.

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