Using Grants to Buy Land and Build a House [Case Study]

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Jan. 20, 2021

Home buyers who have been given grants commonly want to utilise every cent and purchase the best property, as they should. 

However, what most fail to realise is that there’s more to it than buying the first brand new house that catches their eye.

In today’s episode, we talk about using grants to purchase land and property by sharing a case study on “Anna”. From potential pitfalls to misleading incentives, from dealing with real estate agents to setting yourself up for a successful purchase, we share what you need to know to do it right. 

We’ll see you in the episode!


Episode Highlights:

  1. Setting the background for this case study: Anna’s story [02:40]
  2. It’s important to select the right property (instead of rushing into a purchase) [07:20]
  3. The biggest risk to first home buyers are the incentives [08:43]
  4. Think about an area’s future growth and value before buying there [11:52]
  5. Real estate agents represent sellers & buyer’s agents represent buyers [13:31]
  6. Every real estate agent is different - get to know yours and learn about the seller [14:54]
  7. As a buyer, don’t feel like the agent has all the cards [18:22]
  8. Most buyers with grants only look at brand new units - and that’s a problem [19:46]
  9. Patience & diligence to look for other options pays off [24:39]
  10. Marketers price new properties differently and strategically [31:55]
    1. Research sales data before purchasing any property [33:37]
  11. Market value dictates price for established properties (and selling new ones) [36:41]
  12. Next steps for Anna [37:56]


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