A Deep Dive Into Buyer Perception

Podcast Advertising Playbook

Sept. 13, 2023

Who better to describe the buyer’s perception of podcast advertising than Tom Webster? 

Tom is a partner at Sounds Profitable, a collection of media properties that cover both strategic and tactical changes to the business of podcast advertising - and we’re so lucky to have him on the podcast! 

“Podcasting continues to punch below its weight in advertising and revenue, and how much of that is due to lack of education or awareness?”

Tune in to hear Heather and Tom discuss: 

  • Whether or not advertisers find value in host-read ads. 
  • Why buyers aren’t interested in podcast advertising and how we can change that. 
  • How we’ve only scratched the surface of what programmatic ads can do. 
  • The challenges of consumer education and how to turn it around. 


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