April 14, 2022

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Today's guest on the show is @reallytanman who has done the deep dives on #Seedoils and other health problems that we have been exposed to due to fiat incentives!

What made @reallytanman go down the Seedoils rabbit hole and what was he horrified to discover?

How long have we been lied to about food and why?

Can we reverse the damage already done to our bodies and why do we have a fear of the sun?

Did you know that John Harvey Kellogg was an American medical doctor, nutritionist, inventor, health activist, businessman and EUGENECIST and how corn flakes and other dogshit cereals played a part in his 'vision' for society?

How do we tan safely and do you really need to sun your balls?

A huge thanks to @reallytanman for coming on the show and sharing all of his insights, please give him a follow and hit up his dm's!

Here is the article we referenced in the show.


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