Dec. 23, 2021

No Agenda Episode 1410 - "Spock Tiled"

"Spock Tiled"

Executive Producers:

Sir Rob of the Dusty Singletrack

Courtney Mathias

Viscount of Hamilton and The Two Pennies

Randy Carlson

Dean "Deano Monkey Boy With Curley Hair" Desimone

Devin O'Connell

Sir Chris of Carmel-By-The-Sea

Sir Paul Zimmerman

Mike Saliba

Maxwell Reeves

Ross Easterling

Jim Riley

Sir Layron

Tom Runciman

Loretta Vandenberg

William Westcott

Chap Williams

Scott Salamango

Sir Dave Goes

Nick Foster

Nikki Morris

Associate Executive Producers:

Karen Samuel


k h

Gabe & Ann Grider -> David Conarroe

Martin Mcintire

Arthur Saint

Kelly Flanagan

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Title Changes

Sir Amen Fistbump -> Viscount of Montgomery County, Texas

Sir Anthonyseven, Viscount of Hamilton -> "Viscount of Hamilton and The Two Pennies"

Knights & Dames

Loretta Vandenberg -> Dame Ladybird, Eagle of Toledo Bend

Sarah Hamro -> Dame Hamr of the Crow Kingdome

Randy Carlson -> Sir Codesalot of Southern Nye County

Robert Patch -> Sir Rob of the Dusty Singletrack

Josh Jackson -> Sir Renity-Now, Knight of the Imports/Exports and Master of His Domain

Paul Zimmerman -> Sir Paul Zimmerman (?)

Jeff Bird -> Sir Pop of Ivan and Ellie

Art By: Tante Neel

End of Show Mixes: Sir Dewcifer - Chris Wilson - Neal Jones - Prof JJ

Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry

Mark van Dijk - Systems Master

Ryan Bemrose - Program Director

Back Office Aric Mackey

Chapters: Dreb Scott

Clip Custodian: Neal Jones

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