May 24, 2018

Anthropologist David Graeber (@davidgraeber) joins us to discuss his book, "Bullshit Jobs: A Theory."

On today's show: Trump says NFL protesters shouldn't be in the country. Milwaukee police tase NBA player Sterling Brown over parking infraction.

Anthropologist and activist David Graeber joins us to discuss his book, "Bullshit Jobs: A Theory." How Graeber gathered stories from people about their experiences of work. The five categories of bullshit jobs: goon, duct taper, flunkie, box ticker, task master. The high percentage of UK survey respondents who think their jobs add nothing to the world. The psychological effects of knowing your job is bullshit. The link (or lack thereof) between GDP, employment rates and indicators of well being. What the growing number of useless jobs says about how capitalism actually works. How whole industries are moving to a system of managerial feudalism. How the financialization of the economy drives the bullshit job phenomenon and the role the government plays in extracting profits. The benefits of replacing means-tested programs with UBI. Why right-wing populists resent the cultural elite.

On the fun half: Josh from Chicago praises Jamie's op-ed on Cynthia Nixon, points out the white supremacy of Trump's NFL statement. Bari Weiss's hot NFL take. Richard Spencer admits the alt-right is not pro- free speech. Elon Musk complains about the press, Peter Daou invites him to fund Verrit (hell yeah). A caller inducts more people into the Yacubian left. Is Trump's NFL meddling a first amendment issue? Jim Bakker knows "in his spirit" than 100 hit men have been hired to assassinate Trump. Mike Pence says North Korea must adhere to Libya model in negotiations. An early plug for International Whores Day (donate at What kind of statement is 'The Handmaid's Tale' making about politics? Michael from Miami calls in to contextualize Bill Clinton's '90s-era politics.

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