May 21, 2019

It turns out that for all burn patients—from minor to severe—there is a lot of room for improvement in ED management, counselling and disposition. Things like inaccurate estimation of burn size, unnecessary endotracheal intubation, over- and under-estimation of fluid resuscitation volumes, inadequate analgesia and inappropriate wound dressings are just some of the issues where a small change to ED practice patterns could have a huge impact on patient care. In this EM Cases main episode podcast we have the director of the Burn Unit at Hospital for Sick Children, Dr. Joel Fish and EM educator Dr. Maria Ivankovic discuss dozens of pearls and pitfalls in the management of both pediatric and adult burn and inhalation injuries management with a special appearance by airway master George Kovacs to talk about awake intubation in the burn and inhalation injuries patient...

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