Sept. 24, 2019

Today’s episode is a special one, I’m usually trying to introduce aspects of the lives people lead in China without going over too much familiar territory to China experts. But with today’s episode, my role is reversed. My guest today is Michael Zee, who is a social media influencer with a global fan base on Instagram. However, Instagram is very difficult to access from within China, so there might be listeners to this in China who haven’t ever seen Instagram, let alone come across Michael’s account.


Michael’s background is as an educator, and there are other parts of his story that will lead you to conclude, as I did, that it’s no accident that he has become the biggest and best Food Instagrammer in China today. We discuss the fluctuating nature of national cuisines, the cultural connections between Shanghai and Liverpool, and the glamorous (and decidedly unglamorous) life of a full-time social media influencer in China.


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