The Modern Horrors Podcast EP 142: They See Me Trolling

The Modern Horrors Podcast Network

March 27, 2018

We’re back! And this time we’ve brought author Adam Cesare along for the ride.

After skipping last week due to a lack of everything, this week’s cup overfloweth. First up, some yahoos released a short film called BEDTIME. Not saying you’re a loser if you haven’t checked it out, but… J-Horror is coming back with a reboot of THE GRUDGE. Blumhouse is skipping the theaters and going straight to Netflix with FAMILY BLOOD. Speaking of skipping theaters, the Leprechaun is back, sans Warwick Davis, in SyFy’s aptly named LEPRECHAUN RETURNS. The Firefly family is also geared up to return with Rob Zombie’s long rumored and awaited 3 FROM HELL. Think the exorcism genre is slowing down? Think again, because TELL ME YOUR NAME promises an exorcism movie like no other before it. And finally, the homie Chris Sun is back with more Aussie craziness in BOAR. We didn’t know we needed more big ass pig movies in our lives, but apparently we do.

Round 2 we’re talking ANNIHILATION. Seems like this one has a hard split between those who think it’s one of the best movies in recent memory, and those who were bored to tears by it. We’ll break it down the best we can. The show closes out with a question that was thrown out the the MH community. What are some of the most violent horror movies? It’s an interesting conversation on what constitutes violence and how presentation changes how we perceive it.

Special thanks to our guest host this week, Adam Cesare! Don’t forget to check out his latest on Audible, VIDEO NIGHT. You can also check out his YouTube channel here. Want to help your boys out and rep MH with a high quality enamel pin? Of course you do! Go get yourself a couple over at Wicked Critter

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