201: Shocking New Guidelines for Transgender Healthcare

The Liz Wheeler Show

Sept. 21, 2022

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health recently released a new standard of care for how medical professionals should treat transgender people for gender dysphoria, and you just have to hear it to believe it. Liz breaks it down piece by piece while also examining why the leftist WPATH has the authority to issue these requirements. What are their recommendations based on and what is their real agenda? This is The Liz Wheeler Show.


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00:00 - Welcome to The Liz Wheeler Show

03:56 - WPATH changes recommendations for transing minors

13:24 - WPATH’s standard of care full of Marxism

24:35 - Surgeries recommended by WPATH

28:14 - WPATH issues corrections to new recommendations 

32:05 - Who is WPATH’s founder, Harry Benjamin?

39:00 - WPATH consults pedophiles

42:50 - On Locals: Where DeSantis should send migrants next

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