5: Of Narcissists and Consumption

On the Frontlines of Collapse

Dec. 6, 2022

In this episode, Christopher David and Christopher Michael discuss their recent conversation with James Howard Kunstler on his podcast Kunstlercast #366 and the reception from the listeners.


This episode's first topic of discussion centers around internet narcissism and how to handle it. The Chris' go into some personal examples of internet narcissism, how to spot narcissists in public, and how to deal with them.


The second topic is the astronomical amount of money Americans spend on such trivial things. Overconsumption of the earth's natural resources is one of the biggest battles of our age, and overcoming the supposed need to consume more and more will be the difference between life and death. Personal liberty comes not from the ability to acquire more material wealth but from the ability to say no to greed and envy. Join us as we discuss these topics in today's conversation.


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