July 13, 2018


Tom Merritt

Host of DTNS, Sword and Laser, Current Geek, Cordkillers and more. Author of Pilot X and Pavaria. Coffee achiever

The illustrious Tom Merritt from Daily Tech News Show and Cordkillers joins us to talk about Acast, audience engagement, brie and more!

We also received an email from Joachim Robert who created Cast Rewinder. This cool tool allows you to drop in a podcast feed, set the starting episode and frequency, and obtain a new feed to use in your podcast app, so you can catch up on old episodes! Brendan has already started using it to re-listen to Harmontown. If you use this awesome tool, send us a tweet to @BitRatePod with the hashtag #CastRewinder. And if you'd like to see the code behind the site, check it out on GitHub.

Mark wasn’t able to listen to We Fix Space Junk because he put on a podcast festival! Check out the feed of episodes, and subscribe.

Brendan asks Mark about all the podcast recommendations to find out which pods Mark has stuck with out of

Brendan will be going to XOXO, a festival for creatives in Portland, Oregon, USA, Earth, Milky Way, etc. If you are going to be there, reach out! Brendan is in the XOXO Slack group, and will be hanging out at the festival with his wife, Sarah.

BitRate is now on Spotify! If you’d rather listen there, have friends that only listen there, or are interested to listen on smart speakers, have at it.

This is the last episode of BitRate for a bit. We’re taking a little break, but we will be back. Stay subscribed for occasional mini-episodes. But for now, thanks for listening. You are amazing. Seriously.


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