July 26, 2022

Paolo Ardoino and Mathias Buus are the co-founders of Holepunch, a fully encrypted platform for building peer-to-peer applications. Matthias is the CEO, who has been building P2P products for a decade, and Paolo is CSO, along with being the CTO at Tether.

In our talk, we spoke about what Holepunch is and how it works, how P2P apps can eliminate the costs and risks of relying on cloud data storage, we explored the apps developers could build on top of Holepunch, and the ways they could monetize their apps with Bitcoin or stablecoins on Lightning.

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00:00 - Intro

02:25 - Mathias Buus & Paolo Ardoino Intro

13:08 - How Do Holepunch & Keet Work?

21:23 - BitTorrent vs. Holepunch

25:41 - What Happens To Datacenters In A P2P World?

32:19 - Will Web 2 Companies Adapt To P2P Technology?

45:47 - Why Is Holepunch Being Built Today?

52:17 - Holepunch vs. Personal Servers

1:11:46 - What Can Developers Build on Holepunch?

1:18:07 - Will Holepunch and Keet Make Money?

1:25:29 - The Lightning Round

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