March 3, 2024

Yolande Norris-Clark is a Birth Liberationist, a Freebirth Pioneer, and co-founder of The Radical Birth-Keeper School. She is author of the recent book Portal: The Art of Choosing Orgasmic, Pain-Free, Blissful Birth. 

In this conversation with Yolande we discuss:

  • Her journey into the sovereignty and free birth spaces
  • How her upbringing shaped her worldview
  • The dangers of ultrasounds
  • What a free birth looks like for Yolande (who just gave birth to her 10th child)
  • How to have a blissful birth
  • The key to staying healthy

You can learn more about Yolande on her website or by following her on Instagarm. You can purchase her book here.

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Music by Chris Merenda

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