1144 -  Bud Light, Nike, And Jack Daniels Bow Before The LGBT Altar

The Matt Walsh Show

April 6, 2023

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show it has been a wokeness bonanza this week in the corporate world as Bud Light, Nike, Jack Daniels, and Build-a-Bear all come out endorsing drag queens and transgenderism. But why are all of these companies going woke? And what can we realistically do about it? I have a plan and I'll lay it out for you today. Also, the White House refuses to endorse any age limits at all for gender surgeries for children. They say it's up to the child to choose. NPR gets devoured from within by its own left wing employees. And the classic American novel "Gone With The Wind" will now come with a lengthy essay condemning the book for its racism.

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