May 28, 2020

Duane is the owner of Spark Physical Therapy in New Haven, CT and host of the Healthy Runner Podcast.

Duane initially started running as an adult, wanting to add some cardio to his gym sessions. After having a hip surgery, his doctor advised him to get off the treadmill and run outside. Without having fully recovered, Duane suffered a running-related hamstring tendon injury.

Through his own rehabilitation and his work as a physical therapist, Duane continues to set Personal Bests in his running career. He joins us today to have a deep-dive conversation about hamstring injuries:

  • the root causes of hamstring injuries
  • how to strengthen them (and his favorite hamstring exercise)
  • prevention advice (it's far easier to prevent than treat an injury!)
  • common myths about rehabilitation

Duane not only has the clinical expertise to evaluate and treat hamstring injuries but the coaching expertise to design training that better protects you from hurting this important muscle group.

We'll also discuss why tight hamstrings are sometimes falsely labeled an injury, why glute strength is intimately tied to hamstring health, and how "rest" is rarely the treatment for injuries.

Duane and Jason also talk about:

  • Why runners with hamstring issues should think twice about pool running
  • Can heavy shoes impact your hamstring health?
  • The most effective hamstring exercises for runners
  • When runners can use NSAIDS and when to avoid them

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