May 12, 2024

Episode 23 - A Little Folksy

May 12, 2024

Sittin' here minding my own business and Snows of Yesteryear shows up in LNBeats, and I'm now a fan. Had to put together a quick podcast to showcase their talent, as well as play some songs that are new and sure to be hits; like the latest from Herbivore, Alicia Stockman, TJ Wong, a fav by Richard and the boys, and a new band to me - The Band Oslo Snowe.


In this episode you'll hear these great songs:

Snows of Yesteryear - Wait by the Shore
Alicia Stockman - Lovesong
Herbivore - These Days
Richard - Rising Free - Joe Martin, Man Like Kweks, reelrichard
TJ Wong - Apple Pie
The Band Oslo Snowe - Some-Thing You-Got
Snows of Yesteryear - Rest and Be Thankful

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