June 2, 2022

Mike Stone runs, easily the most powerful and persuasive critique of virology, that I've come across.

I've chatted to a number of great minds on the topic of viruses, such as Tom Cowan and Sam Bailey, and find myself convinced by their arguments.

In our conversation, Mike covers

  • why virology is pseudoscience;
  • what viruses are;
  • the problems with definitions;
  • direct evidence versus indirect evidence;
  • Koch's Postulates and why they matter;
  • the rejection of the Scientific Method;
  • isolation and purification;
  • genomics and genome sequencing; and
  • the Rockefeller funding behind virology.

I strongly recommend reading Bechamp Or Pasteur, which is a biographical exposé of the fraudulent work of Louis Pasteur and the forgotten work of Antoine Béchamp.


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