0.00000018: Keyan Kousha, Stacker.News

Changing the Tide

March 4, 2022

Keyan Kousha is the founder of Stacker News. It's like Hacker News, but they pay you in Bitcoin. Keyan is Changing the Tide by valuing the users of his social network. Users must pay a sat to post or reply to others' posts, but they can also "upvote" posts by sending as many sats as they want to the poster. Users can take the sats they've earned with them by withdrawing to their own wallets. By using a web of trust model, Stacker News is also helping people see content (rather than ads) from people they trust most. Links: ‚Äč Keyan's Twitter handle: @k00bideh Stacker News website: Keyan's Stacker News handle: @k00b Stacker News Twitter handle: @stacker_news Note: Nothing in this podcast constitutes financial, legal, or medical advice. The content within is solely for educational purposes. Please consult tax, legal, or medical professionals before making financial, legal, or medical decisions based on what you hear. Music: "Summer Nights" by Bobo Renthlei Graphics: Kal Kassa Host: Jon Crabtree Producer: Jon Crabtree

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