Feb. 12, 2022

“Every time this thing pumps a million billion new people coming in and all of them run through the exact same fucking scams again and again and again, and they get here and they pretend like they know what they’re talking about and it’s literally a manifestation of… I just heard about Bitcoin and I’m here to fix it.”
— Junseth

Location: Los Angeles
Date: Wednesday 2nd February
Company: N/A
Role: N/A

Web3 is a co-opted term that was originally used to describe an internet that gives users greater control over their privacy and data. It is now commonly referred to as the metaverse.

The metaverse, originally described in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, was a dystopian future that envisions a virtual reality-based successor to the internet. The metaverse has been picked up on by VCs and Silicon Valley and is now promising to revolutionise the way we interact with the internet taking advantage of NFTs and 'crypto'.

However, bitcoiners remain sceptical. Over the last 13 years, thousands of projects have come and gone, promising huge innovation with little to back it up, from altcoins that promise to be 'the new bitcoin' to narratives like 'blockchain, not bitcoin' and the ICO boom, and bust.

In this interview, American HODL and Junseth take aim at Web3, NFTs and the metaverse and discuss why they believe that it will not only fail but that it doesn't even exist in the first place.

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